Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the results permanent?
Yes, because Profemme actually helps your body to redirect and store more fat in the connective breast tissue, the resulting growth is permanent. Naturally, additional pregnancies and extreme weight fluctuations may result in decreased size and firmness. You may need to take additional Profemme pills to regain your size and shape.
2. What is Profemme?
Profemme is a breast enlargement supplement in capsule form that contains highly concentrated herbal extracts, which imitate female hormones that promote breast enlargement and enhancement.
3. How does Profemme work?
During puberty and adolescent years breast development and growth begins and young woman's body receives new chemical signals from the pituitary gland. These chemical signals and chemicals bring about significant changes throughout the body. Documented scientific research has shown that early breast tissue growth (fatty adipose tissue) occurs most efficiently and correctly with the balanced presence of a number of hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, and GF compounds; human growth factor hormones. Improper utilization and balance of these hormones can inhibit breast growth. Profemme imitates the production of vital female hormones, which results in the growth of new breast tissue.
4. Will Profemme make me gain weight in other areas of my body?
No. Profemme herbal supplements specifically trigger only breast tissue growth.
5. How much growth should I expect?
Average breast growth is approximately one to two cup sizes and a definite tightening and firming of the breasts. Everyone is different and so growth rates vary from person to person.
6. What can I do to maximize my growth?
Cutting back or staying away from caffeine, cigarettes, and alcohol can have a terrific and positive effect on your results. Also, many women have reported increased effectiveness when supplementing the use of Profemme with a Multi-Vitamin. Eating lots of whole grain breads/pasta, and fruits and vegetables, also helps. Eating a protein bar with 1 of the 3 pills each day may also increase absorption. Also, follow the proper dosage instructions.
7. Can I take more than the recommended dosage amount to speed up my growth?
No. Taking more than the recommended dosage will not speed up your results and may even cause unwanted side effects. You may take each capsule with a meal or a beverage. The dosage is 3 pills per day. Each bottle contains a 30 day supply.
8. How will I know if Profemme is working?
At first, you will feel that your breasts are firmer, and perhaps, rounder. You may feel mild tingling and soreness during this growth phase. During the next phase, your breasts will start to increase in size and feel extra sensitive. Every woman's breasts grow at their own speed, similar to puberty. In the last phase of growth, your breasts will reach their size and shape limit, that is genetically predetermined and different for every woman. Once you reach your desired size and shape, you may stop using Profemme, and your results will be permanent!
9. How long should I take Profemme?
We recommend taking Profemme at least 3-6 months for desired size and shape and maximum effectiveness.
10. Are there any bad side effects?
The ingredients used in Profemme are a mixture of all natural herbs, which have been used for hundreds of years by herbal gurus around the world. There have been absolutely no reports of dangerous or harmful side effects as a result of the use of Profemme pills when taken as directed. However, there are a host of positive side effects. Besides increasing breast size, Profemme's hormone balancing properties have been reported to promote: Total well-being and positive mind set; Reduction of PMS and menopausal symptoms; Better nail and hair growth; Improved skin tone. Some women will experience mild breast soreness and tenderness as the breasts enlarge.
11. Can I take Profemme while on birth control pills?
There are no known negative side effects from using Profemme with any kinds of birth control.
12. Who shouldn't use Profemme?
Women who are pregnant or nursing should not use Profemme. Also Profemme is intended for women over the age of 18, when the body has full hormone productive capacity. We do not recommend the use of this product by girls before the age of 18. If you have any medical condition, or if you're taking any prescription medication, please consult your doctor before taking Profemme herbal pills.
13. Is Profemme shipped discreetly?
Yes, Profemme is shipped in plain packaging with a discreet return address. 
14. Is Profemme guaranteed?
Absolutely! Our product has a full 1 year money back guarantee on all unopened bottles less shipping & handling fees. We are able to offer this iron clad and generous return policy because most of our customers are happy with Profemme and we are confident that Profemme can produce results for you.
15. Why is Profemme better than the rest?
What makes Profemme better is an effective product and superior customer service. We offer the highest quality product available on the market today. Our formula is based on scientific herbal research and has been proven to be effective for breast enlargement and enhancement. We use only 100% herbal extracts and we back our product with one of the best guarantees in the industry. We also answer all emails within hours and ship all orders within 24-48 hours of purchase!

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